Drinking Water Quality

Water System Interactive Map

Use Interior Health’s interactive map to view all current Water Advisories within the Interior Health region (public and private water systems), and to find general information on all water systems in the Interior.

Water Quality Monitoring

The BC Ministry of Health determines specific monitoring requirements for all water utilities on an individual basis. At minimum, water systems are monitored four times per month for the presence of bacteria.

Interior Health facilitates the sampling, transporting, and laboratory analysis for small water systems. Bacteriological and chemical sample results are stored in the Interior Health database. You can search the database below by typing in your community water system name in the Facility field (e.g. Black Pines)  or visit Interior Health’s website.

Water Quality Reports and Data Summaries

TNRD Utility Services staff monitor the quality of our drinking water by providing sample collection and analytical testing in TNRD Community Water Systems. Click on the name of your community below to view the comprehensive water data from certified water analysis test results.

Community Water Systems

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