Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

Regional districts in BC develop solid waste management plans under the provincial Environmental Management Act. These plans are long-term visions of how the region would like to manage its solid waste, in accordance with the “5 R’s” of pollution prevention hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Residuals Managements.

The TNRD’s Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (RSWMP) was approved by the Province of BC on March 26, 2020. It serves to guide solid waste management activities and policy development for solid waste in the Thompson-Nicola region.

This plan will be renewed on a 10-year cycle to ensure that it reflects the current needs of the regional district, as well as current market conditions, technologies, and regulations.

In May of 2023, the Board of Directors adopted a RSWMP Amendment Policy, which provides guidance to the TNRD for proponents who request a Plan amendment. 

Regional Solid Waste Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee

The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Advisory Committee is in place to monitor and advise on the implementation of the 10-year Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.

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