Loon Lake Fire Hall Construction

As of summer 2023, construction is completed on the new Loon Lake Fire Hall

Firehall Loan Information

Previous Community Updates

On November 18, 2021, the TNRD Board awarded a contract for the design and build of the new Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Hall. The contract has been awarded to West Alliance Construction Ltd., for a maximum price of $1,264,120.00. The new fire hall will be built in 2022.

As an important reminder, borrowing for this project cannot exceed what has already been approved by the community, which is $653,000.00. Other funding for this project comes from a generous donation of $275,000 by Fraserway RV, as well as smaller public donations and savings. Electoral Area “E” has also allocated $150,000 as a grant to help fund this project.

We are currently working with the Loon Lake Community & Recreational Society (LLCRAS) for a long-term use on the 2 Bay structure that currently houses the fire apparatus. The 2 Bay structure was built by the TNRD on LLCRAS lease property, fully funded by the Canada Community Building Fund.

Fire Hall Background

A letter is sent to 323 property owners within the Loon Lake Fire Protection Service Area about the fire hall loan (parcel tax) to begin in 2025. Residents also had the option for a one-time, up-front payment as explained in the letter.

Construction is completed on the Loon Lake Fire Hall!

After a Request for Tender (RFT) process was unsuccessful, a successful Request for Proposal (RFP) process led to the TNRD Board of Directors awarding a contract for the design and build of the new Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Hall. (View Board Report here).

Land tenure achieved after two years of working through the Provincial process.

TNRD constructs 2-bay garage at 1701 Loon Lake Rd, with full financial support via Gas Tax Fund allocation. This is the original location of the Fire Department which sits on Crown lease under the Loon Lake Community Recreational Agricultural Society.

Referendum on Fire Protection Service passes by vote of 115-31.

Ballot questions: “Are you in favour of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District adopting:

Bylaw No. 2651 for the purpose of establishing the Loon Lake fire protection service area within a portion of Electoral Area “E” (Bonaparte Plateau) with a maximum annual tax requisition for operating costs of $150,000 or $1.546/$1,000 of net taxable value of land and improvements, whichever is greater; AND

Bylaw No. 2652 that authorizes the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to borrow an amount not to exceed $653,000 for the purpose of constructing two fire halls for the Loon Lake fire protection service?”

TNRD starts the process of gaining a Crown lease to build the primary fire hall at the abandoned Loon Lake Provincial Park. This was a property identified in the 2016 FireWise Consulting report (page 16).

Elephant Hill Wildfire destroys many structures in Loon Lake, including the Fire Hall

Gas Tax Funds allocated for a Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department Second Hall Construction Capital Investment Analysis, authored by FireWise Consulting Ltd. (View Report: Second Fire Hall Capital Cost Analysis).

Structural Protection Kits

The TNRD has partnered with New-Line Hose and Fittings to provide a structural protection unit program, with support from the Loon Lake Fire Department. Kits are offered for below retail price, with proceeds from each kit sold being donated to the Loon Lake Fire Hall.

Residents can order a standard kit (part # CFP 4000) or a premium kit (part # CFP-4001). Manual or electronic garden hose timers are also available at a reduced cost.

To purchase a kit

  • Visit a New-Line Store In-Person: Located at 103-705 Laval Crescent in Kamloops
  • Order Online: Go to new-line.com and login using the Fire Department account info (contact the Loon Lake Fire Chief for details)
  • Order by Phone: Call New-Lire at 604-455-5400, and use account number T-1127 for special pricing

To ensure proceeds of the structural protection kit benefit the Loon Lake Fire Department, be sure to use LOONLAKE as the purchase order number when ordering.


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