Grant-in-Aid Programs

Grants-in-Aid support cultural, environmental, charitable, sporting, recreational service activities and special events for the purpose of benefiting the community. 

Regional Grants and Sponsorships

Regional Grants-in-Aid and Sponsorships are intended to provide funding for projects or events that benefit the entire region, or a very large part of it. The funds for these grants are drawn from property taxes collected from the entire regional district (all 11 Member Municipalities and 10 Electoral Areas). All decisions on allocating grants are made by the entire Board of Directors.

  • The TNRD provides for two application intakes each year:
    1. Fall intake due by September 1
    2. Spring intake due by May 1
  • For grants to be considered, written requests must be submitted on the grant application form provided below.

The application period for the Fall 2023 intake of the Grants and Sponsorship program intake has now passed. The Application Form will be uploaded onto this webpage in spring of 2024, in advance of the Spring 2024 intake period.

Note: As of the October 12, 2023 regular meeting, the Board of Directors has approved revisions to Regional Grants and Sponsorship Policy 5.1.1. The updated policy is available below.

Local Community Grants-in-Aid

Separate from the region-wide grant program, each year the 10 Electoral Areas are each provided a budget for local Community Grants-in-Aid (sometimes referred to as “discretionary funds”). These grants are intended to provide community benefit, but are more limited in scope than the regional grants. Given the much more localized benefits, the funds for these grants are drawn from local property taxes of each Electoral Area and the budgets for each are accounted for separately. Decisions about award of these grants can be made by each individual Electoral Area Director, within the confines of the policy and legislative constraints.

Applications for Community Grant-in-Aid funds may be made at any time. 

For grants to be considered, the TNRD has provided the Community Grants Application Form below. The Community Grants Policy should also be read and used as guidance for applications.

Note to Applicants

  • Grants are only available to formally organized not-for-profit organizations and registered charities;
  • Legislation prohibits the TNRD from providing financial assistance to businesses or commercial entities, and private individuals/households. Likewise applications from religious organizations primarily serving their membership and/or their direct religious purpose are ineligible for assistance under these programs;
  • Please use the attached TNRD Board policies and application instructions as guidelines. Be advised that the Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these policies from time to time; and
  • Please make sure that your application is clearly legible and will photocopy with good results. Your application should either be typed or completed in black ink.

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