Online Mapping FAQ

It is the delivery of graphic and text information in the form of maps and databases via the internet. Unlike traditional “static” hardcopy maps, online mapping allows you to interact with map layers and information using built-in tools to get exactly the information you want. It provides you with self-service 24/7 access to information in both spatial and tabular format.

It is the TNRD’s web map. With myRegionView, users can access geographic data (stored in the TNRD’s geographic information system (GIS)) and create maps at your home or business, 24/7.

You can access myRegionView by following links on the TNRD website: Alternatively, you can click here to launch myRegionView or by copying the following URL to your web browser:

myRegionView provides a wealth of information covering the entire TNRD (10 Electoral Areas & 11 member municipalities) – encompassing 135 communities over 45,000 square kilometres. Data available within the unincorporated areas include building permits, civic address, fire protection, land use, property, points of interest, etc. While we include land use, civic address and other information belonging to our 11 member municipalities, only data available digitally is included within municipal boundaries. Please refer to the data matrix for the specifics of what is available by municipality

No, it was designed for users with little to no online mapping experience and so it is simple and intuitive to use.

A series of concise documents are available online to help you and provide step-by-step instructions for the more popular tools. Contact GIS Services to inquire about training opportunities for groups.

myRegionView requires Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in and Adobe Reader. These can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft and Adobe websites respectively. Microsoft Silverlight is a free webbrowser plug-in that enables interactive media experiences, rich business applications and immersive mobile apps. The Silverlight plug-in will work on Windows, Mac, Linux and all other major operating systems. Silverlight plug-in works on all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explore and Safari.
You may experience slower loading and response times on older computers or dial up internet connections. Note Silverlight plug-in will no longer work on Google Chrome browsers in 2015.

Google’s team announced the deprecation of NPAPI, the interface used by plug-ins in the Chrome browser, including the Silverlight plug-in. What does this mean to those who have been using the Silverlight plug-in in the Chrome browser? As of January 2015, end users will have to enable the Silverlight plug-in in the Chrome browser each time they use it. By April 2015, it will take considerably more effort by the user to use the Silverlight plug-in in Chrome so consider April 2015 as a date when the Silverlight plug-in will stop working in Google Chrome. We recommend you install the Silverlight plug-ins in one of the other major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and use myRegionView with one of the other browsers if you have not done that already.

You may be experiencing technical issues for the following reasons:

  • Internet browser settings can interfere with viewing the documents or maps. Make sure that your browser settings allow pop ups to display. Some web browsers have more difficulty than others with displaying the map viewer; try using another web browser (please note Silverlight plug-in will no longer work in Chrome).
  • At times we undertake software and/or hardware maintenance. During these times, you may receive an error message when trying to access myRegionView. Please try again later.

If you are still experiencing problems after adjusting your web browser and installing Silverlight Plugin and Adobe Reader please contact GIS Services and we will do our best to assist you.

Use any of the search tools available in the “I want to” menu or the “Search & Query” tab to locate a property of interest. You can pan or zoom to a location of interest and use the What’s Here or Identify tool to view information about a property. You can also search for a property by its address, the Land Titles property identifier (PID), BC Assessment folio (jurisdiction and roll number), or legal description. For help using the search tools, navigate to the Help & Tutorial section of the website.

Use the Property Report tool to create a PDF report for the parcel. It may take 10 seconds for the report to be created depending on the speed of your internet provider. Please note you will require Adobe Reader to view the report. For help using the Property Report tool, navigate to the Help & Tutorial section of the website and view the appropriate document(s). Information about what is being reported can be viewed by following the links contained in the report.

If you’re having trouble printing PDF files from Adobe Acrobat, please consult the following resources as the answer you’re looking for is probably documented here:

  • Troubleshoot PDF Printing
  • PDF printing quick fix: Print as Image

The information provided by the TNRD is derived from numerous sources and may change at any time without notice. While efforts are made to verify data, it is not possible to maintain absolute accuracy. The data and reports are provided on an “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults” basis with no warranty of any kind. Full disclaimer and terms of use can be viewed here.

All information on our site, including but not limited to text, graphs, charts, maps and tables is publicly accessible under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This Act protects personal privacy by restricting the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. myRegionView does not display or collect personal information such as property owner name or mailing address.

Contact GIS Services by phone 250-377-8673, fax 250-372-5048, email, or visit us in person during regular office hours.

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