Civic Address Signs

What is a Civic Address?

It is a numbering system relating to road names that provides the unique location of a building or property. It includes a unit number, if necessary, a civic number and a street name. This applies to municipal and/or rural areas of BC.

Why Do I Need an Address?

You need your address to enable easy, visible (even at night) reference for emergency service. You also need it for your mail, utilities, telecommunications, and to help your visitors find you.

How Do I Get a Civic Address?

Your address is issued by local government, in this case the TNRD. You can fill out the form in this pamphlet to get an address created for your property or the TNRD automatically issues you one at time of Building Permit issuance. If a parcel of land has no buildings (i.e. ‘improvements’ on your property taxes) there is typically no address and it is identified by its legal description from its certificate of title or PID (Parcel Identification Number).

How do Building Permits Relate to Posting of Civic Address?

TNRD urges civic addresses to be posted for all existing developed properties voluntarily BUT the proper posting of a civic address is required by bylaw for NEW developments. More specifically, it is required to be posted prior to Occupancy Permit issuance in the case of any of the following:

  • a new building or dwelling
  • manufactured home placement
  • a major addition to or renovation of a building
  • a major change in occupancy

Where or How Do I Get a Civic Address Sign?

The TNRD has a program to supply Building Permit applicants or any landowner with a custom civic address sign at low cost of $15.

These signs are double-sided, reflective white/green, vinyl covered aluminum with 4” high numerals, in conformance with TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) standards. The sign material is reasonably impervious to UV and climate and retains visual clarity at a distance night or day.

Applicants will get a custom sign automatically with a Building Permit issuance however to get a sign if no construction is occurring, please fill out the form below. This is open to all TNRD rural Electoral Areas.

What is the Best Way to Post an Address Sign? And Where?

Your sign must be visible at night from the public access road. This is why the sign we provide is double sided and reflective.

Do NOT post it in a tree or shrub (think future foliage)

Do NOT post it further into your driveway

Do NOT install it flat, parallel the road nailed into a tree, fence, or yard fixture.

Instead . . . .

  • DO hang it perpendicular to the road so it is visible from both directions and within the cone of vehicle headlights
  • DO affix it with bolts or similar (so it will withstand wind) on a firmly embedded post, fence, or metal post/bar
  • DO post it beyond and above the path of a snowplow
  • DO stand back and enjoy your new civic address sign and encourage your neighbors to get and install their own sign!

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