Inspection Request

To obtain an inspection for an issued Building Permit, please fill out the new Building Inspection Request Form , or call the 24-hour inspection request line at: 250-377-7076.

To obtain an inspection on the next available day we’re in your area, request the inspection no later than 12:00 pm on the business day before the inspection is to be conducted. Inspection requests received after 12:00 pm will not be conducted on an immediately following day and will be put forward to the next regularly scheduled inspection day in the area.

Inspection Schedule Change: Electoral Areas “B” and “J”

In April 2023, the Building Inspection schedule was updated for TNRD communities of Avola, Blue River and Albreda in Electoral Area “B” (Thompson Headwaters) and Cherry Creek and Tobiano in Electoral Area “J” (Copper Desert Country). The new schedules for these communities are as follows:

  1. Avola, Blue River, Albreda: Inspections on the first Friday of each month
  2. Tobiano, Cherry Creek: Inspections each Wednesday and Friday

If you have questions, contact the Building Services Department at 250-377-8673, toll-free at 1-877-377-8673 or by email at


TNRD Building Services

1-877-377-8673 (Toll-Free)

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