Mandatory Recycling Resources for Haulers

To assist haulers with informing customers of the Mandatory Recyclable Materials Bylaw, the TNRD has created educational materials and signage for haulers to display. These resources can be ordered free of charge.

For examples of hauler resources available, click on any of the images below to enlarger to full size.

“No Recyclables” Commercial Decal 34″x10″

“No Recyclables” Commercial Decal 17″x10″

“No Recyclables” Residential Decal 13″x8″

“No Cardboard” Bin Decal 34″x10″

“No Cardboard” Bin Decal 17″x10″

Cardboard Disposal Ban Info Card

Commercial Decals = best for commercial location garbage bins, Residential Decals = best for residential location garbage bins and curbside carts

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Contact Person

If you have questions regarding the collection and handling of personal information, please contact:

Kara Wright, Information and Privacy Coordinator, TNRD Corporate and Legislative Services
Phone: 250 377-6281
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