Emergency Services

The TNRD’s Emergency Services program provides the direction and coordination required to respond and recover from major emergencies or disasters, like wildfires and floods, in the rural areas of the region. The program is in place to assist incident commanders when emergencies exceed their response capabilities, training or available resources.

In an emergency, the TNRD may activate the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). An EOC is mission control, where staff and other team members work together to carry out the emergency response. This safe location is equipped with all of the technology needed to communicate with staff, response teams, and the community.

Current Events

Evacuation Alert Rescinded to All Clear – Electoral Area ‘M’

Miller Estates Subdivision The Evacuation Alert for the Miller Estates Subdivision and other addresses in Electoral Area “M” has been rescinded to all clear as the threat of the Petit Creek wildfire in the area no longer poses an imminent risk to the safety of residents. This Alert was put in place on April 18,

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