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The TNRD provides Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services to staff and residents. GIS staff are responsible for maintaining and updating myRegionView, an interactive mapping system that contains information on all of the properties within the regional district.

The myRegionView application provides public access to parcel, zoning, address, regional services, administrative boundaries and other information stored in the TNRD geographic information system.

myRegionView provides public access to spatial and tabular data covering over 45,000 square kilometers and spans over 135 communities. Although attempts are made to include land use, addresses and other data belonging to our 11 member municipalities, only data made available to the TNRD is included in the web mapping application. Please refer to the “Map Layer Availability by Administrative Area” matrix for details. Data from our member municipalities may be added to the web mapping application as and when they are made available to the TNRD.

Please note, for information about properties within the City of Kamloops, please visit Kamloops’ Web Mapping Site

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