Budget & Finance

The Finance Department provides support and service to all TNRD departments, the Board of Directors, and the general public. It is responsible for the preparation of the operating and capital budgets each year for each of the services that the TNRD provides.

Financial Reports

View annual financial plans, financial statements, disclosures, remuneration and expense reports, and cheque lists for the TNRD and TRHD.

Budget Engagement

Learn about the TNRD budget and find out how you can participate in the budget process and provide your feedback to the TNRD.

Property Taxes

Find out where to pay your taxes for your property in the TNRD, read frequently asked questions and learn how taxation is divided by service.

Apply for Grants

Find out about regional/community grants, sponsorships, federal gas tax program, and how to apply.

Climate Action

Learn about the TNRD's climate action initiatives and investments being made in environmental stewardship.

Finance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and answers to common inquiries about regional district finances and billing.
Have something to say about the budget or financial plan?
Tell us which services are most important to you, how we're doing at service delivery, and where we can improve.

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