Building Permits

Building Permits are required for any new construction, alteration, addition or demolition of a structure in all TNRD Electoral Areas. A registered owner or agent for the owner may apply for the building permit. Only complete applications will be accepted for processing.

The homeowner is responsible for carrying out the work or having the work carried out in full accordance with the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code and other applicable regulations.

You may not start any stage of a project, including demolition or excavation, until a building permit has been obtained. 

Permit FAQ

  • Construct a new home
  • Construct a new accessory building such as a garage or storage shed greater than 20 square metres (215 square feet) insize
  • Construct a new accessory building greater than 55 square metres (592square feet) within AF-1, RL-1, SH-1 or CR-1 zones
  • Construct an addition to an existing building or manufactured home
  • Construct a commercial, industrial or public use building
  • Undertake any interior work such as partitions, etc.
  • Construct a sundeck
  • Enclose a porch or roof over a sundeck
  • Construct a retaining wall more than 1.2 metres (4 feet) in height
  • Move a building
  • Locate a manufactured home
  • Demolish a building
  • Change of occupancy or use of a building or part thereof

Permit applications are received on a first come, first serve basis. We are committed to a 3 to 5 week processing time period for complete applications, dependent on seasonal levels of construction and development.

Every permit is issued upon the condition that the permit shall expire and the rights of the owner under the permit shall terminate if the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within six (6) months or is not completed within three (3) years of the issuance of a permit.

The Building Official may upon expiration of a building permit, grant renewal permits for a period of twelve (12) months each if he or she is satisfied that the construction is progressing at a reasonable rate.

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