TNIPMC Education and Outreach Program

The Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee (TNIPMC) takes every opportunity to educate and bring awareness to people across the TNRD. Get engaged in invasive plant management in the TNRD and check out available invasive plant education and outreach programs and resources below.

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Classroom Presentations & Resources

 The TNIPMC offers free virtual OR in-person presentations on a variety of invasive plant topics for  grades K-12. Presentations are interactive and can be tailored to suite the needs of the educator/students. 

Curricular Connections

  • Biodiversity in the local environment
  • Adaptations of local plants
  • Survival needs of organisms
  • Organisms have evolved over time
  • Natural selection
  • Humans can play a role in stewardship and restoration of ecosystems

Invasives on the Loose Activity Package (K-4)

Treat your students to our animated videos series “Invasives on the Loose”. Follow Josh and Sophie on their adventures across the TNRD to find Bad Bluet and Terrible Tansy. This animated video series has accompanying worksheets for grades K-4.

Invasives on the Loose Part 1 – The Home Garden

Follow Josh and Sophie as they try and catch Bad Bluet and Terrible Tansy before they invade local ecosystems!

Invasives on the Loose Part 2 – Escape to Cache Creek

Follow Josh and Sophie to Cache Creek as they continue the search for the invasives on the loose.

Invasives on the Loose Part 3 – Escape to Blue River

Follow Josh and Sophie to Blue River as they follow Bad Bluet and Terrible Tansy.

Earth Kids! Chasing Invasive Seed Mixes

Josh and Sophie earn their Earth Kids certification and are assigned a mission to rid the District o Clearwater of seed packages that are contaminated with invasive plants.

Pro-D Day Teacher Training

 The TNIPMC offers Pro-D Day Teacher Training. Find out what invasive species are threatening your local biodiversity, what you and your students can do to help, and learn how to link invasive species to your curriculum and classroom. Pro D-Day Training sessions are interactive and involve an outdoor plant ID session. Training sessions are suitable for grades K-12. 


The TNIPMC aims to engage and educate residents, stewardship groups and land managers on a variety of invasive plant topics and issues. The TNIPMC offers FREE training, workshops and presentations to groups interested in learning more about invasive plants. 

Community Weed Pull Program

The Community Weed Pull Program encourages community organizations and groups to become local stewards by controlling invasive plants at a high priority invasive plant site. The first 10 organizations to register will be offered a $200 honorarium. The Weed Pull Challenge will run from June 1st to August 31st annually.


Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee/TNRD Invasive Plant Program

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