A healthy reuse economy is the back-bone of waste reduction and a critical part of our waste reduction strategy in the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan. The volunteers, workers, residents and customers that keep the reuse wheel turning are so important. Without them there would be no economy of reusable goods. Its essential that quality usable goods be kept out of landfill; furniture, textiles like clothes, and household items generally don't have recycling options so reuse is the only option. Even recyclable items like tools, appliance, and electronics are better kept out of the recycling and instead being reused and repaired until end of life.

Andrew Roebbelen

Below is a list of options where items can be donated for reuse to keep quality items out of our landfills. Each facility has its own list of acceptable items and rules and it is each persons responsibility to learn these rules. This information is provided for convenience only and the TNRD does not endorse or promote any of the listed businesses. This list may not represent all options in a community, if you know of other options you would like to see posted on this webpage please contact

Are you a not-for-profit thrift organization in the TNRD? We want to support you in your efforts to provide thrift services to your community. Contact: or 250-377-2596 to learn about our tipping fee credit program. The TNRD offers this credit to help offset disposal costs for unsaleable items, keeping more money in our communities.

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