70 Mile Fire Protection

Background Information

September 2023: The TNRD hosted a public survey to gather input from residents regarding the future of fire protection in 70 Mile. The results showed significant support (76%) for the 70 Mile Fire Department Association continuing to administer the fire department with no involvement of the TNRD.

September 11, 2023: The TNRD hosted a public meeting in 70 Mile to share information on the 70 Mile Fire Department feasibility study, and to hear feedback and answer questions from local residents.

September 2023: A feasibility study was complete for the TNRD on the possibility of creating a 70 Mile House Fire Department.

Public Engagement

Monday, September 11, 2023: 6:30 pm
70 Mile Community Hall – 2585 North Bonaparte Rd

The TNRD hosted this  meeting to present the results of a feasibility study looking at creating a TNRD service to fund and administer the 70 Mile Fire Department. Representatives from the TNRD presented the findings of the study and shared cost and tax impacts of the proposed service.

Did you miss the public meeting? View: Presentation Material


TNRD Fire Protection Services

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