Climate Action

The TNRD is committed to continuing to work towards carbon neutrality, by reducing corporate and community-wide energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Local Government Climate Action Program

As a participant in the Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP), the TNRD receives funding to plan and implement climate action that will reduce emissions, create new opportunities for people in a clean economy, and prepare communities for future climate impacts. The LGCAP program was launched by the Province of BC in May 2022, for reporting on the 2021 calendar. As part of this program, the TNRD is required to report on its climate actions. To learn more about LGCAP program, click here.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

The LGCAP program was introduced to replace the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP), which was discontinued as of 2020.

The TNRD measured and reported on carbon emissions through the CARIP program beginning in 2010, and has taken measures to reduce corporate emissions. The TNRD achieved Carbon Neutrality for the years 2013, 2014 and 2016.

The installation of methane oxidation beds at six landfills (Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Heffley Creek, Logan Lake and Lower Nicola) in the TNRD is a key component in helping the TNRD achieve Carbon Neutrality. Methane oxidation can lead to significant removal of landfill methane, and thus has the potential to earn greenhouse-gas credits.

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