Utility Billing & Payments

Payment Options

The TNRD has multiple options for utility customers to pay their quarterly bills, and for solid waste to pay tipping fees each month. 

The TNRD is registered with most financial institutions in B.C. for electronic banking online.

When you are sending an Electronic Fund Transfer (E-Transfer) for your utility bill payment, please use Thompson Nicola Regional District Utilities as the payee. Please input your 13-digit account number.

When you are sending an E-Transfer for your tipping fees, please use Thompson Nicola Regional District Invoice as the payee. Please input your invoice number.

TIP: To make it easier to find the payee you need, type Thompson Nicola to search for all payee options.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware of your bank’s processing time for telephone, online, or in-person banking when paying your utility bill. Payment needs to be received by the TNRD by the due date listed on your bill. Thank you for your understanding.

You can pay your utility or garbage bill by cheque sent in the mail.

For utility bills, please make the cheque you are sending payable to Thompson-Nicola Regional District Utilities, and provide your 13-digit account number on the cheque.

For garbage bills, please make the cheque you are sending payable to Thompson-Nicola Regional District Invoice, and provide your invoice number on the cheque.

Please do not send cash in the mail.

Mail to:

Thompson-Nicola Regional District
300-465 Victoria St
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 2A9

You can pay your utility bill or garbage bill in person at the TNRD Civic Building during office hours, using debit, cash or cheque. Parking is available.

TNRD Civic Building (4th Floor)
300-465 Victoria Street
Kamloops, B.C.

Our office is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (excluding statutory holidays).

As of Fall 2022, quarterly billing for Community Water System customers is required to go to the landowner of the property. This means that tenants will no longer receive these bills in their mail. Please contact the TNRD if you have questions or require more information. Contact information is listed below on this webpage.

How To Calculate Your Water Bill

  1. Look at your Service code on your mock bill, which refers to your Community Water System and the meter line size installed into your house. 
  2. Look at the Current Reading compared to the Previous Reading to calculate consumption in that quarter.
  3. Determine the total consumption cost by using the following formula:
    • (Consumption amount * consumption rate) + Base rate = Total bill amount


Estimate Your Bill

Use the TNRD’s Water Bill Estimator below to get a better idea of how your bill is calculated based on your consumption.

Estimate Your Bill

Water System Details



Note: Base rates and consumption rates will vary for each Community Water System

Base Rate:
Consumption less than 285 m3:
Consumption greater than 285 m3:

Estimated Bill

Rate Units Item Cost
Base Rate
Consumption <285m3
Estimated Quarterly Bill

Note: This amount is an estimate only and should be interpreted with caution. For questions regarding your actual quarterly bill, please refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page

Monitor Your Water Use

The EyeOnWater mobile app allows you to see your latest water usage, and to understand how much water you use, detect leaks, and discover trends for when you use the most water. For more information, click here.

How Water Rates Are Set

Water rates and service fees are established through Utility Rates Bylaw 2840. This bylaw includes planned rate increases for between 2024 and 2028 to ensure that sufficient funds are available for maintenance of existing equipment, by building reserves to sustainable levels.

Below, you can view Bylaw 2840, which shows base rates and consumption rates for each TNRD Community Water System.


Water Service

TNRD Utility Services
250-318-7515 (Emergency after-hours)


TNRD Accounts Receivable

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