About the TNIPMC

The Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee (TNIPMC) works towards protecting  environmental, economic, and social values being impacted by invasive plant within the Thompson-Nicola Region.

The TNIPMC encourages multi-party collaboration on invasive plant management, and is comprised of 11 members representing a variety of perspectives, including local and provincial government, First Nations, academia and stewardship.

The Committee is administered by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD). 


“An invasive plant-free TNRD”


To facilitate partnerships with government agencies, First Nations, stakeholder groups and the public to reduce the adverse economic, social and environmental impacts of terrestrial invasive plants within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. The Committee takes action by coordinating invasive plant management efforts, and preventing further invasive plant introduction and spread through education and outreach.

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