Invasive Plant Management

The Thompson- Nicola Regional District (TNRD) covers ~45,000km2 of BC’s land base. It is comprised of a variety of ecosystems, such as Douglas Fir, Montane Spruce, Interior Cedar-Hemlock, Bunchgrass, and Alpine Tundra. These ecosystems support a rich diversity of plants and wildlife, are the basis for numerous industrial activities, and offer a range of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. These values are being threatened by invasive plants.

An invasive plant is any non-native plant species that has the capacity to negatively impact animals, humans, and ecosystems. They are generally free of the natural predators that keep them in-check in their native habitats enabling them to have a competitive edge over desirable and/or native vegetation.

The TNRD has a series of invasive plant resources to help educate residents on invasive plants and their management.

About the TNIPMC

Working together to stop the spread and introduction on invasive plants.

Regional Invasive Plants

View information on priority invasive plants within the TNRD.

Invasive Plant Programs

Designed to assist in invasive plant education, outreach and management.

Invasive Plant Disposal

All TNRD solid waste management facilities accept invasive plants - free.

Report Invasive Species

Report your invasive plant sightings here.

Educational Resources

Publications, annual reports, and educational resources.

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TNRD Invasive Plant Program/ TNIPMC

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