50% Cost Share Program

The TNRD will rebate landowners up to 50% of the cost to control select invasive plants by a licensed contractor using herbicide on their private land. Rebate limits are as follows:

  • 160 acres (65 Ha) OR LESS qualify for a maximum rebate of $1,500
  • OVER 160 acres (65 Ha) qualify for a maximum rebate of $3,000

*TNRD residents, and residents of the following municipalities are eligible for this program: City of Merritt, District of Clearwater, District of Logan Lake, Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality, Village of Clinton.

How To Apply

  1. Ensure the invasive plant in question is on the 50% Cost Share Program Eligible Invasive Plant List
  2. Complete the 50% Cost Share Program Application Form 
  3. Make arrangements with a TNRD Noxious Weed Control Contractor from the TNRD’s Certified Contractor List
  4. Submit your application package for reimbursement before October 15th. 

Reimbursement (NEW)

 As of 2024, all program rebates will be issued via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please complete an EFT form and email it directly to the TNRD at ap@tnrd.ca in advance of the service, or include it in your application package. Submission of the EFT is only required once, unless your banking information changes. If you are unable to accept EFT, please contact the TNRDs finance department.

Program Forms

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