Flood Debris Management Information

As residents of Merritt, and the surrounding Electoral Area “N” Beautiful Nicola Valley – South, begin to re-enter their properties the task of clean-up begins.  The City of Merritt and the Thompson Nicola Regional District are working together to provide debris management options for affected properties.

Curbside Debris Removal

The City of Merritt and the Thompson Nicola Regional District are working together to provide debris removal from flood affected properties. The City, Regional District, or its contractors will not be entering structures or private properties to remove material. Residents are responsible for moving items to the curb for collection.

Before placing material curbside it is advised to check with your insurer and take photos for any claims through your insurer or other disaster financial assistance. Flood affected residents are asked to place material curbside and separate debris into the following piles;

  1. Wood
  2. Large appliances, mattresses and other bulky items
  3. Drywall, vinyl flooring, or other potential asbestos containing material *must be bagged
  4. Any bagged material. Please double bag food waste.

No hazardous or liquid materials (oil/gas/other chemicals) will be accepted curbside. Spoiled food can be bagged and placed curbside or brought to the Lower Nicola Eco-Depot. Appliances that are no longer working, or fridge/freezers that residents do not feel safe to continue using, can be placed curbside.

Residents within the City of Merritt can place material at anytime and a contractor will collect. For residents outside of city limits they are asked to call and schedule a pick-up time 250-377-2596. 

Self Haul Debris

Please be prepared for longer than usual waits at the Eco-Depot as staff process these forms. It is recommended to take photos of debris for your insurance provider or Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA), so please keep your receipts. Please visit the DFA program webpage for specifics regarding eligible applicants, eligible losses, and the application process: http://www.gov.bc.ca/disasterfinancialassistance

Sorting of materials can help save valuable landfill space. Debris such as metal, wood, appliances and mattresses can readily be diverted away from landfills. Potential Asbestos Containing Material, common in homes prior to 1990, poses a health risk and must be bagged before disposal.

Fridge and Freezer

If you deem it UNSAFE to open your fridge/freezer:

• Seal the doors shut with duct tape
• Label the appliance “contaminated” in large print
• Move appliance to curb/roadside for pick-up
• Call or email recycleright@tnrd.ca or (250)377-2596 that your appliance needs to be picked up

If you deem it SAFE to open your fridge/freezer:

• Double bag spoiled food and dispose of as regular garbage
• Keep and continue to use your appliance

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