Green Foxtail

Green Foxtail

Fact Sheet

ALERT SPP This Plant is on high alert.


Latin Name: Setaria viridis

 Origin:  Eurasia

Physical Description: Annual grass from fibrous roots. Stems are green and grow up to 100cm tall. Leaves are wide, flat, light green in color and are 2-40cm long by 2-35cm wide. The flowers are cylindrical with crowded spiklets that are subtended by 6 to 10 long yellowish bristles.

Habitat: Prefer mesic to dry soil and are often found in dry fields, irrigated crops, along roadsides and in waste areas.

Impacts: Outcompetes desirable plant species and impacts forage and crop production.

Management Options

Mechanical: Cutting, mowing or tilling can prevent seed production however repeated treatments are necessary to deplete the seed bank.

Chemical: As this plant is often found amongst crops, it’s important to discuss herbicide options with your local agri-supply to avoid non-target impacts.

Biological: Not available.  

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