Official Community Plans

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a bylaw that consists of a series of policies that provide a framework for making land use decisions. These policies are based upon the communities vision and objectives and form a guide for future growth and land development. The TNRD Board, staff, the community and developers use OCPs in evaluating applications, reviewing proposed changes in land use, and undertaking projects. All development must conform to the relevant policies of the OCP.

The TNRD has 8 OCPs covering unincorporated areas, as well as the South Thompson Settlement Strategy.

2024 Official Community Plan Updates

In March of 2024, the TNRD initiated the process to create a new OCP for Electoral Areas “L” and “P,” and also a new OCP for Electoral Areas “M” and “N.” This work will be done in accordance with the Local Government Act which specifies the purpose, required content, and adoption procedures of an OCP Bylaw. To learn more, and to participate in the public process, visit each specific OCP webpage that is linked below.

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