Secondary Dwellings

Under Bylaw 2400 (the zoning regulation that applies to the all TNRD electoral areas), low density residential zones allow only one detached dwelling per parcel or property. Generally, this dwelling is allowed to have a secondary suite and in some cases this may be a duplex or two family dwelling.

That said, there are two circumstances whereby a “second” detached dwelling may be allowed under certain conditions. Second dwelling permits may be issued under certain conditions on lands at least 4 hectares in area, zoned AF-1, AF-2, RL-1, or SH-1, or for residential care purposes, if and as certified. Please see the FAQ Sheets below and Zoning Bylaw No. 2400 (the full zoning regulation) for more details:

Additional Dwelling Declaration

For lands at least 4 ha, zoned AF-1, AF-2, RL-1 or SH-1, to determine eligibility prior to building permit application.

Temporary Dwelling Application

An application for a temporary Z240 manufactured home for medical care and nursing of the owner or a relative of the landowner (sworn affidavit with physician certification required).

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