Planning Commissions/ Committees

The AAC is a commission comprising of 8 volunteers appointed by the TNRD Board of Directors to deliberate and provide advice to the Board on matters dealing with ranching, farming, horticulture and other agricultural matters. The AAC could also initiate and make recommendations to the Board regarding the awareness and understanding of agriculture, and identify improvements and opportunities to support agriculture. The AAC advises the TNRD on on agricultural issues and opportunities within the region including all applications initiated under the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Act; and, all applications to amend land use bylaws that pertain to agricultural matters.

The APC is an appointed group of Electoral Area residents who provide input on Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaw Amendments, and any other matters that the Board authorizes to be sent to the APC. This input is provided as advice or recommendations to the TNRD as part of application review processes.

Following a public callout for participation in late 2023 and early 2024, the Board appointed 12 members to serve on the APC for a four year term, ending on March 31, 2028. For information on the APC, click here.

The BOV is a tribunal (of 3 volunteers) appointed by the TNRD Board, to deliberate minor relaxations to zoning or servicing bylaw requirements where an applicant can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the BOV, that compliance would cause hardship.

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