Building Bylaw & Code Enforcement

In order to ensure the health and safety of people and property, it is a responsibility of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to oversee construction, alteration, repair or demolition of buildings and structures.

The TNRD regulates construction and administers the BC Building Code through the Building Regulations Bylaw, in accordance with the Local Government Act and the Building Act. The TNRD uses the Building Violation Enforcement Policy to address any violations of the Building Regulations Bylaw.

Notice on Property Title

Section 57 of the Community Charter was provided to local governments by the Province of British Columbia as a tool to administer and enforce the BC Building Code and local building bylaws. It enables local governments to register a notice, via the Land Title Office registrar, on the title of a property where there is, or has been, a building code or bylaw infraction.

How to Remove Notice on Property Title

Once the condition or contravention that gave rise to the filing of the notice has been corrected to the satisfaction of the Building Inspector, the TNRD files a discharge notice with the registrar of land titles. Once resolved, the actual discharge takes about one week.

Enforcement Procedures

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