Floodplain Management

The TNRD is authorized under the Local Government Act to designate land as a floodplain and specify minimum flood construction levels and setbacks from watercourses. Floodplain Management Bylaw 2828 applies to all persons who construct, reconstruct, move, extend or locate a building, manufactured home, or structure on TNRD lands designated as floodplain. 

Search Floodplain Areas Manually

You can search mapped floodplain areas manually by using the TNRD myRegionView application. (Ensure that “Land Use” and “200 Year Floodplain” are selected). Please note: Not all floodplain areas have been mapped. Floodplain areas are defined by horizontal setbacks and vertical elevations that are specified in s. 5.2 and 5.3 of Floodplain Management Bylaw 2828.

Frequently Asked Questions

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