Agricultural Land Reserve

All properties within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) must comply with the Agricultural Land Commission Act and ALR regulations and policies.

To confirm if your property is in the ALR, visit the TNRD web mapping application myRegionView and select the layers “Land Use” then “Agricultural Land Reserve.”

Most ALR applications are processed through local governments, such as the TNRD. If  applications are approved, they are sent onto the Commission. To learn about the process and find more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions Sheet below.

The ALR is a Provincial “zone” administered by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), with the purpose of protecting and prioritizing agricultural land use. Specific applications are required to undertake non-farm land use, subdivide, exclude, increase density, etc., on lands within the ALR. The ALC (or “Commission”) is an independent tribunal charged with preserving B.C.’s agricultural land. 

Also, go to the ALC’s website for a comprehensive range of background, history, ALR regulation, forms, etc.

Additional Residences

New regulations for additional residences on ALR land came into effect on December 31, 2021, permitting a second residence on ALR land where zoning permits. Second residences are now permitted under these new regulations, and are no longer limited to only being manufactured homes.

Regulations include a maximum total floor area for an additional residence based on parcel size. Please note that for an additional residence, if the TNRD Zoning Bylaw is more restrictive than the ALR Use Regulation then the TNRD Zoning Bylaw will apply.

Notice of Intent (NOI) Requirements in the ALR

Bringing fill onto ALR lands and removing soil are both regulated by the ALR Regulations. A Notice of Intent (NOI) is required for the introduction of any fill to the ALR, and for any removal of soil not permitted by the ALR Regulations.

The TNRD requires a record of ALC NOI approval in all Building Permit Applications when constructing the following: 

  • A detached additional residence (e.g. additional dwelling, carriage house, manufactured home)
  • Accessory buildings and structures
  • Agricultural buildings and a principal residence if the total area of soil removal or fill placement is more than 1,000 square metres
  • Any other work not exempted under the ALR Use Regulation

The NOI Application can be made through the ALC online web portal. Further details and directions on how to apply can be found on the ALC website. For more information, please contact the ALC.

Note: The TNRD cannot make NOI applications on behalf of an owner/ builder. This information is for guidance only. For specific requirements and procedures, please consult the ALC Act, ALC Regulations, and ALC staff.

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