Electoral Area "N" (Beautiful Nicola Valley - South)

Electoral Area “N” (Beautiful Nicola Valley – South) is the third-smallest in size of the 10 TNRD Electoral Areas. The area includes the lower Nicola Valley to the south of the Nicola River, as well as the Coldwater River Valley and the famous Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park.

Population: 717* (including First Nations reserves: 1,330)
Land Area: 2,341 km2*
Main Communities: Aspen Grove, Brookmere, Canford, Kane Valley, Sunshine Valley
Main Transportation Routes: Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5), Highway 5A, Highway 8
*= 2021 Census data

TNRD Representative

Herb Graham

Electoral Area "N" Director
Tel.: 250-378-7075
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