Electoral Area "J" (Copper Desert Country)

Electoral Area “J” (Copper Desert Country) is the seventh-largest TNRD Electoral Area by size. The area includes a number of unique rural communities, and landscape varies from the desert-like shores of Kamloops Lake to high altitude forests and fishing lakes.

Population: 1,796* (including First Nations reserves: 2,038)
Land Area: 3,285 km2*
Main Communities: Alpine Valley, Cherry Creek, Lac Le Jeune, Paska Lake, Red Lake, Savona, Tobiano
Main Transportation Routes: Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1), Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5), Highway 97D
*= 2021 Census data

TNRD Representative

Michael Grenier

Electoral Area "J" Director
Tel.: 250-319-1321

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