Electoral Area “E” (Bonaparte Plateau)

Population: 1,162* (including First Nations reserves: 1,322)
Land Area: 6,625 km²*
Main Communities: 70 Mile House, South Green Lake, Loon Lake, Eagan Lake, Pressy Lake

Electoral Area “L” (Grasslands)

Population: 3,321* (including First Nations reserves: 3,626)
Land Area: 1,913 km²*
Main Communities: Knutsford, Pritchard (South), Westwold, Monte Lake, Monte Creek, Del Oro

Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks)

Population: 4,023* (including First Nations reserves: 8,386)
Land Area: 1,546 km²*
Main Communities: Pritchard (North), Rivershore, Pinantan Lake, Paul Lake, Heffley Lake, Whitecroft, McLure, Black Pines, Knauff Lake

Village of Chase

Population: 2,399*
Land Area: 3.75 km²*
Date of Incorporation: April 22, 1969

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