Delegation Request

In order to appear as a delegation before the Board or one of the TNRD Committees, please click on the Delegation Request link below and fill out the electronic form.

Delegation Guidelines

In order to schedule a date to appear before the Board, delegations must provide the information identified on the Delegation Request form for consideration by the Chair and Corporate Officer. The provision of this information clarifies the purpose of the delegation for the Board.

  1. In general, the Board meets once per month, and only two delegations are heard. Delegations are usually heard at approximately 1:20 – 1:45 p.m., after public hearings.
  2. Delegations are permitted a maximum of ten (10) minutes for the delegations presentation and then approximately five (5) minutes are allocated for the Board’s questions (this may run longer).
  3. If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, please email or deliver it to Legislative Services at least two days prior to the Board meeting (Tuesday at noon). This ensures that the presentation can be scanned for viruses and its formatting is compatible with our computer systems. Paper copies of your presentation can be brought as back up in case of system failure.

Please submit all delegation requests to the attention of the Corporate Officer at For more information, please contact Deanna Campbell, Corporate Officer at 250-377-7051.

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