About the TNRD Board

How the TNRD is Governed

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. The TNRD Board is comprised of 27 members, including:

  • One (1) Director from each of the 10 TNRD Electoral Areas. 
  • One (1) Director from each of the 10 smaller TNRD Member Municipalities
  • Seven (7) Directors from the City of Kamloops

Each of the 10 Electoral Area Directors are elected or acclaimed directly to the TNRD Board of Directors. Each Municipal Director is appointed by their respective mayor and council. The TNRD does not preside over which council member(s) from a member municipality sit on the TNRD Board of Directors.

Each year, at the inaugural meeting (the first meeting after November 1), legislation from the Province of BC requires regional district boards of directors to elect one Director to serve as Chair of the Board and one Director to serve as Vice-Chair. The Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of the TNRD, as established in legislation by the Province of BC.


In many cases, TNRD Directors each receive one vote per person, which is a similar process to council members within a municipality. However, for certain decisions, voting processes and voting weight varies by Director, in alignment with the Province of BC’s Local Government Act.

The purpose of voting strength in regional districts (also called weighted voting) is to ensure balanced representation and voting, based on populations of each jurisdiction (Corporate Weighted voting) or based on the level of participation of each jurisdiction in varying matters (Stakeholder Weighted voting).

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