Administration Centre

300 - 465 Victoria St.
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2A9
Phone: 250.377.8673
Fax: 250.372.5048
Toll Free (BC) 1.877.377.8673

Chief Administrative Officer

Sukh Gill
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 250.377.8673

Corporate & Community Services

Ron Storie
Director of Community Services
Phone: 250.377.7078
Carolyn Black
Corporate Officer/Director of Legislative Services
Phone: 250.377.7051

Development Services

Regina Sadilkova
Director of Development Services
Phone: 250.377.7060


General Enquiries
Phone: 250.377.8673 


Pat Luscombe
Chief Building Inspector
Phone: 250.377.7066


Alex Krause
Manager of Planning Services
Phone: 250.377.7189


Dan Wallace
Phone: 250.377.7064


Adam Fitch
Planning Technician
Phone: 250.377.7069


David Nelmes
Property Bylaw Coordinator
Phone: 250.377.7061

Emergency Services

Jason Tomlin
Emergency Services Supervisor
Phone: 250.377.2598


Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
Phone: 1.250.377.7188

Technology Services

Randy Castle
Manager of Technology Services
Phone: 250.377.8673
Nga To
Technology Services Coordinator
Phone: 250.377.7190

Environmental Services

Jake Devlin
Director of Environmental Services
Phone: 250.377.8673

Solid Waste & Recycling

Jamie Vieira
Manager of Environmental Services
Phone: 250.377.2596

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Advisory Line
Phone: 250.377.2596

Water & Sewer System (Utilities)

Tyrone McCabe
Manager of Utility Services
Phone: 250.377.8673:
Utilities Emergency after hours
Phone: 250.318.7515 (water and sewer only)

Film Commission

Victoria Weller
Film Commissioner
Phone: 250.377.7058
Sherre Lapointe
Film Commission Assistant


Doug Rae
Director of Finance
Phone: 250.377.8673
Debbie Lovin
Finance Supervisor
Phone: 250.377.8673

Public Libraries

Judy Moore
Chief Librarian
Phone: 250.377.7070

Melissa Lowenberg

Supervisor of Support Services
Phone: 250.377.8673