TNRD on Board with Clean Farms to Divert Plastic Containers

The TNRD has joined with Clean Farms to increase diversion from the agriculture sector. As one of our primary industries, farms, ranches, and golf courses need to be offered the latest in waste reduction.

Clean Farms is a not-for-profit which coordinates the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics that are not covered under the residential programs such as Recycle BC and Product Care.

Important program details

  • Program will include all industrial/commercial labelled fertilizer/pesticide/herbicide jugs, bottle, and pails up to 23L
  • Program is open to all farmers, ranchers, golf courses and their contractors
  • Farmers will receive large clear bags from their supplier (Purity Feeds) to collect their jugs in
  • Bags will also be available at Heffley Creek Eco-Depot and Lower Nicola Eco-Depot
  • Farmers will be required to triple rinse their jugs and place in the clear bag
  • Once full (about 90 jugs) the bags will be brought to one of our receiving depots (Lower Nicola and Heffley Creek)

If you have questions about this program or need more information please contact Andrew Roebbelen, Waste Reduction Coordinator at 250-377-7198 or email

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