TNRD Discontinues Free Disposal Days and Expands Free Recycling

Kamloops, BC—November 24, 2020—The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) is discontinuing its annual Free Disposal Days held throughout the region.

The decision comes following a recommendation from the Regional Solid Waste Management Committee to the TNRD Board of Directors at its November 19th inaugural meeting.

With the City of Kamloops’ recent announcement to end of its Free Landfill day, the TNRD has made the decision to discontinue these events based on a number of reasons:

  • The cost to taxpayers to hold Free Disposal Days has increased over 300% since the program began in 2011.
  • The list of materials that can now be recycled has been greatly improved since these events began, and the list continues to expand. There is no charge to home owners for residential recycling year-round.
  • Offering free disposal discourages the separation of recycling, which goes against the TNRD’s 10-year Regional Solid Waste Plan and the objectives to reduce waste going to landfills.
  • Safety concerns for both staff and the public have been ongoing due to high traffic at the sites and screening loads with unsafe materials, including potentially asbestos containing material, during these events.
  • There are environmental concerns with dangerous or prohibited wastes being left at the sites due to the high volume of users.

Free Disposal Days started in 2011 in order to encourage spring cleanup in our communities. Since that time, the TNRD has created a community cleanup program that includes free disposal for community groups organizing cleanups at any time of the year. The TNRD will continue to offer free disposal and collection bags year-round for community cleanup events.

In addition, the TNRD maintains funding for the cleanup of illegal dump sites throughout the region. Free Household Hazardous Waste Roundup events will continue to be held annually at multiple locations in the TNRD.

To help offset the removal of Free Disposal Days, the TNRD will be eliminating the cost to recycle mattresses, box springs, and tires on rims at our sites.

The following types of residential materials are now accepted at no cost at the TNRD’s primary solid waste facilities:

  • Mattresses (new)
  • Box springs (new)
  • Tires on rims (new)
  • Paper, magazines, newspapers
  • Old corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic containers
  • Cartons and paper cups
  • Aluminum/metal containers
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bags and overwrap
  • Foam packaging (white & color)
  • Residential yard waste
  • Household batteries
  • Used oil
  • Scrap metal
  • Propane tanks Appliances (including fridge & freezers)
  • Electronics
  • Small Appliances
  • Tires off rims
  • Paint               

The year-round cost to deposit residential garbage at TNRD facilities remains low at $1 per bag. For more information, go to

Media contact:
Jamie Vieira, Manager of Environmental Health Services
Thompson-Nicola Regional District
Tel.: 250- 377-7197

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