Repairs Completed to Agate Bay Boat Launch

Kamloops, BC — April 11, 2022 — Successful repairs have been completed to the Agate Bay Boat Launch on Adams Lake, which is owned and operated by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD).

“The boat launch has a ramp of 25 rows of concrete slabs, and the final three rows had settled or slipped. This created a potential boat launching hazard,” said Jaime Vieira, Deputy General Manager of Operations. “We were able to complete repairs, and this work will ensure that the boat launch will continue to meet the needs of the public.”

The final three rows of the boat launch ramp were temporarily lifted out of the way and a base of clean, crushed rock was installed where the concrete slabs were located. The concrete slabs were then replaced and reattached on top of the rock fill.

Repair work was done on March 21, 2022, when Adams Lake was near its lowest level to facilitate the work. An environmental assessment that was conducted in December of 2021 determined that there was no potential for fish spawning activity in the vicinity of the boat launch.

The Agate Bay Boat Launch is regularly used by recreational boaters during the spring and summer months. The TNRD Community Services department is responsible for recreation within the 10 Electoral Areas, including the Agate Bay Boat Launch, regional and community parks, and community halls.

Media Contact:

Jamie Vieira, Deputy General Manager of Operations
Thompson-Nicola Regional District
Tel.: 250 377-7197

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