Lytton Area Fire – Animal Operation

Plans for a feeding and/or rescuing operation for animals that are still within the evacuated areas as a result of the Lytton Creek Fire is underway.
Given the conditions in this area, a very limited window of opportunity is available in order to accomplish this. The conditions are such that a specialized team will be coordinating this operation. Any Village of Lytton or TNRD resident that has animals in the area that need attention, are asked to contact the TNRD at 250-377-7188 or email as soon as possible with the following information:

• Name
• Address where the animal(s) are located
• Specific animals that require attention
• Specific instructions (e.g. feeding or rescuing)
• Specifically where on the property the animals can be located

While we understand that residents are anxious to return to the area, it is still unsafe to do so. This animal operation will be carefully coordinated using a specialized team in order to ensure the safety of the individuals entering the area as well as the animals they are attending to.
The TNRD has been in communication with the Lytton First Nation who is also coordinating something for their residents. Residents of Lytton First Nation should contact their band office to arrange for care or rescue of their animals.

For more information contact:
EOC Information Officer, , 1-866-377-7188

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