TNRD Receives Forensic Audit from BDO Canada

Kamloops, BC — January 24, 2022 — The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) has received the forensic audit commissioned by BDO Canada. As part of its ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, the TNRD has committed to acting on all recommendations, and has made the forensic audit publicly available to view online.

Progress has already been initiated on many of the control weaknesses identified by BDO Canada. By committing to act on all recommendations, the TNRD is ensuring that there is even stronger oversight and accountability within the organization.

Chief Administrative Officer, Scott Hildebrand, who was hired in 2020, stated that regular updates will be provided to the public as progress continues to be made, via Board Meetings, the TNRD website and other channels as needed. “Even before the forensic audit was completed, we began to take action to enhance our policies and practices, and address previous gaps that existed,” Hildebrand said. “The constructive recommendations that we have now received will help inform and reinforce positive steps forward that we are taking.”

During its Regular Board Meeting on January 20, 2022, the TNRD Board of Directors unanimously endorsed a report containing all of the recommendations made by BDO Canada in the forensic audit.

Board Chair, Ken Gillis, stated that the TNRD has worked diligently to be able to release the forensic audit to the public, providing residents with information and context. “We continue to take steps to strengthen our organization, and build on progress that we’ve already made.”

Policy Review Committee member, newly-acclaimed Board Vice-Chair Barbara Roden, said the committee will be leading initiatives towards implementing further changes. “Work is well underway on making changes that have been recommended.”

To learn more about the forensic audit, and about how the TNRD is taking action, visit these two links below:

  1. TNRD Response to BDO Canada Recommendations (updated as of January 2022)
  2. BDO Canada Forensic Audit Report

In February of 2022, a full TNRD webpage will be launched, containing these reports and related information. More details will be coming soon.

Media contact:

Colton Davies, Communications & Marketing Manager
Thompson-Nicola Regional District
Tel.: 250 377-6299

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