Land Use Contract Termination

Is your property affected by a Land Use Contract?

Land Use Contracts (LUC) were legally enabled for a brief period from 1972 to 1978 only, under the then Municipal Act, now Local Government Act. Landowners or developers applied for an LUC via a bylaw to create tailor-made regulations for specific lands. This differed from general zones contained in a typical zoning bylaw. Most LUCs are more specific but also more restrictive than zoning. LUCs are registered on a land title and take precedence over zoning or subdivision regulations on that land.

Numerous LUCs were approved by the TNRD Board up until 1979 for a variety of uses including rural, suburban and lakeshore residential subdivisions and commercial and industrial developments. Today, a total of 46 LUCs affecting > 460 properties in the TNRD remain.

In 2014 the Provincial government amended the Local Government Act to effect termination of all LUCs by June 30, 2024. These lands would then revert to zoning land use control. The amendment allows or enables a local government to unilaterally terminate, by bylaw, an LUC prior to 2024. This is done in accordance with the normal development approval procedures for a bylaw amendment. Lands would be removed from the LUC and become subject to Zoning Bylaw No. 2400. The TNRD is currently working on voluntary and early LUC termination projects around the entire Regional District and will continue to work with property owners on the process until 2024.

For more information, click below on the 1 page Frequently Asked Questions sheet:

Land Use Contract Termination FAQ Sheet

Currently, the following LUCs are proposed to be terminated:

LUC parcels Knutsford and Cherry Creek area
LUC Bylaw No. 91 (5160, 5168 Beaton Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 95 (272, 288 Goose Lake Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 146 (3081, 3089, 3097, 3115 Rose Hill Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 156 (3033, 3041, 3049, 3053, 3061, 3069, 3077 Rose Hill Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 180 (5368 Rodeo Drive)
LUC Bylaw No. 383 (5277 Beaton Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 435 (3180 Rose Hill Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 497 (1472 Greenstone Rd/ 4982 Trans Canada Hwy)

LUC parcels South Thompson area
LUC Bylaw No. 117 (2785 Hwy 97, 3384, 3429, 3430, 3509, 3510, 3601, 3620 Garrett Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 127 (5441 Hwy 97)
LUC Bylaw No. 155 (7529 Trans-Canada Highway)
LUC Bylaw No. 162 ( 3972/3973 Hwy 97)
LUC Bylaw No. 219 (Holding Rd, 25 bareland strata lots)
LUC Bylaw No. 240 (1801, 1805 Paul Lake Rd, 2 parcels (70 strata lots))
LUC Bylaw No. 308 (3354, 3366, 3372,  3378, 3382 Niskonlith Lake Road, 3361, 3387, 3390, 3397, 3398, 3419, 3411 Lakeshore Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 326 (2532/2536 Harper Ranch-Pinantan Rd)

LUC parcels Outlying areas
LUC Bylaw No. 232 (1020 Coldwater Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 236 (9541, 9569, 9593 Tranquille-Criss Creek Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 245 (Lot 3, 2841, 3861, 3909 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 311 (1800, 1828, 1880 Old North Thompson Hwy)
LUC Bylaw No. 378 (301, 321, 341  Rattlesnake Rd)
LUC Bylaw No. 455 (3584, 3605, 3612 Barriere South Rd)

The following LUCs have now completed the termination process and have/will be replaced with zoning. Click on the LUC that pertains to your property or your interests:

Birch Island area

Black Pines/Heffley Lake area

Lac le Jeune area

Loon/Young/Eagan Lake area

Pritchard area:

Spences Bridge area:

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