Wildfire Invasive Plant Program

In 2018, the TNRD obtained funding through the Canadian Red Cross to limit the spread of invasive plants within the 2017 Elephant Hill Wildfire area. This funding supports the following, and is available until the end of 2021:

  • Invasive plant education and outreach
  • Post-fire seeding for weed prevention
  • Invasive plant control on private lands and highways

Private land owners within Elephant Hill wildfire area can request free support for invasive plant management on their property by filling out the form below.


Mike Dedels, Program Coordinator

Wildfire Invasive Plant Management Request for Support Form

TNRD Wildfire Invasive Plant Prevention and Control
Address *
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Please describe your preferred type of treatment: chemical, biological or mechanical, or seeding

*The TNRD reserves the right to enter said lands and inspect the work to verify its accuracy and completeness. The TNRD reserves the right to release the weed treatment information to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development – Invasive and Alien Plant Program (IAPP) database. No personal information will be released. The TNRD shall not be involved in laying out treatment areas, selecting the pesticide applicator, pesticide to be used, applying the pesticide, or other matters of an operational nature. The landowner is solely responsible for all work done by the applicator. In the case of seeding the TNRD makes no representation regarding the effectiveness of seeding for erosion control. Seeding may also result in additional growth that may contribute to fire hazard.

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