Sprayer Loan Out Program

The TNRD has a variety of sprayers, and seed and fertilizer spreaders, available to assist with invasive plant control on private land. This equipment is available for loan–out, for FREE, to TNRD landowners.  The sprayer fleet includes a variety of equipment including back pack sprayers, and ATV, truck and tractor mounted sprayers: 

  • 4 x ATV sprayers 
  • 1x UTV sprayer 
  • 4x truck sprayers 
  • 2 x Truck Mount Sprayers 
  • 3x seeders 
  • 1x fertilizer spreader

How to Apply

To book equipment or to arrange for pick-up/drop-off of equipment, contact Purity Feed.

Purity Feed Co. Ltd.

1-877-372 0282

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