Pesticide Applicators Course Registration

Fees for the Pesticide Applicator Certification Course ($500/registrant) are due prior to the course start date.

Payment can be made by

  1. Cheque: Please make cheques out to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District and  dropped off in person, or mail to, #300 – 465 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC, V2C 2A9
  2. Cash: Cash payments can be dropped off in person at #300 – 465 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC, V2C 2A9
  3. Online Banking: Add the “Thompson-Nicola Regional District – Invoice”  as a payee. Ensure  “PAC Fee”  is added in the payment description.

Note: CIBC does not have the “Thompson Nicola Regional District – Invoice” payee; customers can use the “Thompson Nicola Regional District – Utility” account instead. Please enter the following for the required 13-digit code: 120232023 

*The TNRD does not accept e-transfer at this time 


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