Pesticide Applicators Certification Training Course

When: May 8 – 10, 2023
Where: Kamloops, BC

Earn your Industrial Vegetation and Noxious Weed Pesticide Applicators Certification! 

The Industrial Vegetation and Noxious Weed Pesticide Applicators  certification allows application of pesticide to: 

  • Manage weeds on industrial land, rights-of-way (roadsides, power lines, railways and pipelines)
  • Oilfield sites (wells and battery)
  • Control invasive plants and noxious weeds on private or public land

Course Overview

The course will be led by an experienced instructor who will teach participants about:

  • Safely applying pesticides and reading labels
  • Practicing integrated pest management
  • Understanding the math for pesticide application
  • Understanding legislation / regulations for storage, application and disposal

Course Fee

The course fee is $500 per participant and includes:

  • 3 days instruction
  • Course Manuals 
  • Provincial Exam


Depending on exam results, successful students will receive either a 5 year (75% mark or more) or 1 year (60-74% mark) certificate. The exam is included and will be held on the afternoon of the last day.

*Space is limited to 20 participants

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