Emergency Social Services

Evacuee Registration

If you have been evacuated from your community due to floods, you should register with Emergency Support Services (ESS) whether you need the support or not. This will help ensure that your loved ones and communities know where you are and know that you’re safe.

  • Step 1: Some reception centres are offering online registration. If online registration is listed under the Emergency Support Services Reception Centre locations below, you can self-register online at ess.gov.bc.ca. If you require assistance with self-registration you can ask for help by calling the Emergency Support Services Info Line: 1-800-585-9559
  • Step 2: Proceed to the nearest Reception Centre (listed below) to complete the ESS registration. You will also be asked to complete a needs assessment to determine what short-term supports you require (e.g. food, lodging, clothing and incidentals).

Tip: After you register, you may receive calls from unlisted numbers regarding your evacuee registration. Make sure your voicemail box is not full so ESS volunteers can leave a message.

ESS Reception Centres

Emergency Support Services (ESS) reception centres are available for evacuated residents who are without access to other sources of support. In many cases, home or tenant insurance actually provides greater support than what is available through ESS, so be sure to speak with your insurance representative to see what’s available to you.

If you have been evacuated and are in need of assistance, please proceed to the reception centre listed on your Evacuation Order or contact the TNRD. Learn more about what you can expect from Emergency Support Services.


  • McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre; 1655 Island Parkway; open 10am-6pm


  • Willow Park Church; 438 Highway 33; open 10am-10pm

Salmon Arm

  • The Prestige Harbourfront Hotel; 251 Habourfront Drive; open 8am-6pm


  • Penticton Seniors’ Drop-In Centre; 2965 South Main Street; open 9am-5pm (evacuees must call ahead of time for Penticton ESS, at 1-833-498-3770)

For more information on how to find a reception centre you may also call the provincial ESS line at 1-800-585-9559, or visit the Emergency Info BC website.

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