Nuisance Mosquito Control

Adult mosquito biting counts of more than 3 per minute on 1 forearm are intolerable for most people.

Noxious Weed Control

A new Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee (TNIPMC) has been created by the TNRD that will administer invasive plant management within the TNRD boundaries.

The key functions of the TNIPMC are to provide coordination and communication amongst land managers to ensure everyone is working together in their own operations to minimize the spread and impact of invasive plants across jurisdictional boundaries. Other functions include education, promoting research, and ensuring financial accountability. Read more about Noxious Weed Control

Utilities/Water & Sewer

Utility Services currently oversees the operation of eleven water systems and two wastewater systems

Solid Waste & Recycling

Increased recycling opportunities and diversion initiatives help extend landfill life in a cost-effective manner.

Bylaw Infraction Complaint Form

The processing of your complaint will be delayed if any fields are left blank. Please read these FAQs, which fully explain what happens next and legal requirements, carefully before you fill out the form. If you have questions, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250.377.8673 or email Read more about Bylaw Infraction Complaint Form



Current Evacuation Status for the Thompson-Nicola
Regional District

  Read more about TNRD EOC

Other Planning Applications

The TNRD manages a broad miscellany of other land use and development approval processes, including but not limited to: Temporary Commercial/Industrial Use Permits, Manufactured Home Parks, Campgrounds, Liquor Licenses, Special Events and Heritage Conservation applications. The following provides a general summary of other matters that Planning Services administers. You are best served to contact us for the specifics on each type of application and the correlating process/fee, etc. Read more about Other Planning Applications