Perennial Pepperweed

Perennial Pepperweed

Fact Sheet

ALERT SPP This Plant is on high alert.


Latin Name: Lepidium latifolium

 Origin:  Europe

Physical Description:  Perennial plant with extensive root system that typically grow within the top 24 inches of soil. It has numerous stems growing up to 2m tall. The leaves lack hairs, appear green-gray and margins are serrated. Basal leaves are longer than stem leave and can grow up to 1m long and 4 inches wide. Flowers have 4 white petals that form small rounded pods.

Habitat:  riparian areas, roadsides, gardens, agronomic crops including orchards, vineyards and irrigated pastures.

Impacts:  Displaces desirable vegetation, causes sedimentation along stream banks, reduces forage quality and alters soil chemistry making growth difficult for plants that are sensitive to salinity.

Management Options

Mechanical: Hand pulling or digging is not recommended as shoots quickly sprout from root reserves and fragments.

Chemical: Several herbicides with the following active ingredients can control Perennial pepperweed: 2,4-D, glyphosate, chlorsulfuron,  imazapyr and metsulfuron. Addition of a surfactant to herbicide products is recommended for this plant. For available products, contact your local agri-supply store. Prior to any herbicide application, read and follow the label instructions.

Biological: Not available.

Additional Resources:

Province of BC Invasive Species Alert- Perennial Pepperweed



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