Floodplain & Riparian Areas

Floodplain and riparian protection areas typically overlap; thus, the two processes may dovetail. Avoiding development in these areas is the least costly and most expeditious way to proceed.

The designation of floodplains and consideration of whether to allow development within them is assigned to local government. This means that if you wish to build within the floodplain, you will typically need to undertake a survey to determine the extent of the floodplain and then submit an application (and supporting professional report) for Board consideration of an exemption. This must be secured prior to issuance of a Building Permit or other approval(s).

Similarly, the Province requires the TNRD to administer BC’s Riparian Area Regulation. Riparian Areas are the lands near or adjacent to rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands that support a broad spectrum of terrestrial life. See the one page FAQ sheets below for more details.

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