Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks)

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Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks)

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Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2021, 19:41 Type: Evacuation Alert Status: Current

The Evacuation Orders for the Whitecroft area in Electoral Area “P” (Rivers and the Peaks) are being downgraded to an Evacuation Alert for the following 139 properties:

• 2720 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 2765 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 2789 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 2810 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 2817 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 2845 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 6225 Lake Bay Rd;
• 7305 to 7408 Cahilty Cres;
• 3208 to 3229 Cahilty Pl;
• 7116 to 7200 Cahilty Rd;
• 2893 to 3540 Heffley-Louis Creek Rd;
• 3240 to 3260 McGillivray Creek Rd;
• 3140 Strachan Rd;
• 3220 and 3272 Sun Peaks Rd;
• 6420 to 7046 Upper Louis Creek Rd; and
• any other properties within the boundary noted on the attached map.

An Evacuation Order may need to be reissued; however, if that is deemed necessary, the Evacuation Order process will re-commence.

The Evacuation Alerts for North on Heffley Louis Creek Road and South on Upper Louis Creek Road remain in place.

For important information after a wildfire evacuation click here.

For more information contact:
TNRD Emergency Operations Centre
Phone: 250 377 7188
Toll Free: 1 866 377 7188

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