Electoral Area “E” (Bonaparte Plateau)

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Electoral Area “E” (Bonaparte Plateau)

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Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2021, 10:22 Type: Evacuation Order Status: Current

An Evacuation Order has been issued by the Thompson-Nicola Regional District at the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The Flat Lake Wildfire is posing a threat to property and safety of residents in the Electoral Area “E” (Bonaparte Plateau)

Because of the potential danger to life and safety, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District has issued an evacuation order for the following 125 addressed properties:
• 2340 to 4415 Big Bar Rd;
• 2760 and 2769 Dog Creek Rd;
• 1876 to 1948 Lake Dr;
• 2920 Little Big Bar Rd;
• 1792 to 2264 Marriot Rd;
• 3380 to 3600 Meadow Lake Rd;
• 3629 to 3645 Sharptail Rd; and
• any other properties located within the area noted on the attached map.

If you are in the described area, you must leave immediately.

If your have been evacuated from your primary residence, please report to Lake City Secondary School, 640 Carson Drive, Williams Lake – 250 267 4861. Current hours of operation are from 0800 hrs to 2300 hrs.

If you can stay with friends or family, you can access Emergency Support Services for meals and other necessities.
If you choose, you can assist the registration process by self-registering ahead of time using the Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) Tool at: https://ess.gov.bc.ca/ or by calling the Emergency Support Services Info Line at 1-800-585-9559. You must still report to a Reception Centre to receive services.

For more information contact:
TNRD Emergency Operations Centre
Phone: 250 377 7188
Toll Free: 1 866 377 7188

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